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No one's said it yet... [May. 19th, 2008|03:11 pm]
Reed Class of 2011

[Current Mood |geekygeeky]

So I'm going to!

Wow! We've finished our freshman year! The first time someone asked me what grade I was in after I got home, I had to stop for a moment and think. "I guess I'm a sophmore now." I'm not sure I believe it yet.

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Ridiculously, stunningly large post of advice and whoa [Aug. 21st, 2007|01:53 am]
Reed Class of 2011

Hello freshmen,

I'm excited to meet you soon. I was a prospie host this past year (any girls who stayed with me in Steele East, hi!) and one of my ex-prospies-soon-to-be-new-freshmen recently wrote me asking if I had any advice. Turns out I had an almost inexhaustible supply, so I thought I'd post my reply here, in case anyone else was interested.


the whoa. very long. forewarned is forearmedCollapse )


I hope someone finds it helpful, or at least amusing. Oh, and of course, if my peers want to add something, please do. If you manage to internet-stalk out my identity (not hard) and want to say hi in person (in less than one week!), please feel free to do so. Cheers!
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heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. [Jul. 18th, 2007|02:55 am]
Reed Class of 2011

[Current Music |Midnight Vultures, Mr. Beck]

i just found this community, to my unbounded excitement, and now no one has posted in months?! i don't have a facebook so this is my only connection to other reedies, as of now. my name is lila and i just wanted to meet some pumped freshies-to-be (like me!).
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(no subject) [Apr. 2nd, 2007|04:09 pm]
Reed Class of 2011

Man I got wait-listed. I don't know if I'm supposed to feel shattered or feel like jumping for joy. Reed was the last school that I was waiting for and I just checked my mail.
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Celebratin time! [Mar. 31st, 2007|06:00 pm]
Reed Class of 2011

[Current Mood |anticipatory]
[Current Music |The Police]

Congratulations, crew, the moment of truth is here! I recieved the admission e-mail today; can't wait to hold the letter in my hands. How's everybody else doing? The month ahead'll be very exciting.

[If you didn't get in, I'm sorry; my feeling is that if any person who truly wants to go to Reed is a Reedie-type at heart anyway, and I'm happy to (virtually) know you all.]
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Decision Dates! [Mar. 27th, 2007|07:02 pm]
Reed Class of 2011

A special thanks to bakeme88 for pointing out: http://web.reed.edu/news_center/press_releases/2006-2007/032607applicationsup.html

"[...] Marthers said he anticipates that Reed will offer admission to approximately 33 percent of those who have applied this year, down from 40 percent last year. Following the mailing of decision letters on or before March 29, the college will host hundreds of visitors to campus and hold receptions and other activities for admitted students and their families throughout the month of April."

Again, best of luck from a fellow RD'er. 
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(no subject) [Mar. 24th, 2007|03:20 pm]
Reed Class of 2011

As school decisions start pouring in, and in anticipation of Reed's RD decisions, I just want to say good luck to all!
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(no subject) [Feb. 10th, 2007|10:11 pm]
Reed Class of 2011

[Current Music |Bloc Party - Uniform]

Hello potential future Reedies!

I wanted to let you all know that I really hope you get in. That being said, the possibility exists that you won't. If you were drawn to Reed by the small discussion classes, the focus on how to learn over what to learn, the great books education, the intense academia and maybe even the wild side I wanted to let you know of a college I looked at - Shimer College. When I applied to Reed I was waitlisted, and I hadn't applied anywhere else because I knew Reed was the only place I wanted to go. But once I got that super thin envelope I realized I needed another option, and that for most colleges the application deadline had already passed. When I discovered Shimer i saw everything I loved about Reed - minus the climate - and that they accept applications indefinatly.... The new class seems to be finished around a day before classes start. In the end I harassed the admission office untill I got in to Reed, but if I hadn't, i would surely have gone to Shimer

Anyways I do hope you all get, but if not, take a look at Shimer. I was glad I did.
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Interview [Jan. 31st, 2007|06:15 pm]
Reed Class of 2011

[Current Mood |calmcalm]

Hey everybody! Reed wasn't able to schedule an alumni interview with me. So they're asking if i want to have a phone interview instead. did anyone have a phone interview? and if so, how was it? thanks!
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an excuse for conversation [Jan. 8th, 2007|01:54 pm]
Reed Class of 2011

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